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Our ethos is to work within budget and programme parameters, providing Clients with our expertise to realise their vision. Using our passion for design we aim to deliver a timeless aesthetic that surpasses the Clients expectations, ensuring a bespoke and tailored service to each individual brief. 


We believe in building a strong rapport with our Clients and the wider project team to ensure a project is successful. We work hard to develop our working relationships and are selective of our projects to enable us to dedicate our time accordingly. 

If our services would be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Samantha Bartlett Interiors is a London based Interior Design studio, which specialises in the high-end residential sector for private individuals and property developers.

Samantha and her team are highly experienced and provide a complete service to take a project from concept to completion. Whether the scope is a full renovation or simply to add some finishing touches, we are here to provide a warm welcoming hand to your project.

We are happy to undertake projects of all size and value allowing Clients to gain the benefit of our knowledge and experience, not only do we provide a personalised service but we also provide a competitive fee.

As part of our fee, we offer an open book pricing policy to all our Clients and for property developers, we are happy to provide designs with exclusive design rights on a consultancy basis, allowing you to brand as your own.

If our services are of interest to you please do not hesitate to get in touch, where one of our team will be happy to help.


Hampstead - 10,000 sqft | Value £18.5m FF&E £800k

Cadogan Square - 902 sqft | Value £3.8m FF&E £120k

Regent's Park - 5,200 sqft | Value £5.8m FF&E £380k 

Mayfair - 18,500 sqft | Value £126m FF&E £4.8m

Hampstead - 24,000 sqft | Value £42m FF&E £1.7m 

Mayfair - 6,175 sqft | Value £27m FF&E £750k

Bahamas - 5,060 sqft | Value £5.5m FF&E £152k

Kensington - 6,000 sqft | FF&E £72k 

Bishops Avenue - 2,225 sqft | FF&E £48k

Oxshott - 5,000 sqft | FF&E £49k

Bishops Avenue - 3,500 sqft | FF&E £58k

Bishops Avenue - 5,436 sqft | FF&E £42k

Kingston - 9,350 sqft | FF&E £102k 

Surrey, Burwood Park - 5,450 sqft | FF&E £96k 

St Johns Wood - 11,250 sqft | FF&E £124k

Surrey, Virginia Water - 12,350 sqft | FF&E £120k


Wimbledon; 3 Bedroom family apartment FF&E 

Oxshott; 6 Bedroom family home 

Surrey; 4 Bedroom family home FF&E 

'I have worked with Samantha for some time now and she has delivered three successful projects for me - two houses and one apartment all in the Hampstead area. Samantha is reliable and always meets our design criteria, working with us to achieve a successful outcome. Samantha applies discretion and professionalism to any project no matter the size or scope and we have enjoyed working with her. We would look forward to working with Samantha again, and would recommend her to design your home.'

Private Client 


'Sam thank you so much for all that you have done within our home. You have provided a refreshingly hands on approach and given us the best price on everything. All of the family requirements have been accomodated and we are forever thankful. Keep doing what you are doing Sam!'

Private Client 


“Your interpretation of our brief, and comprehension of our vision resulted in us now having the privilege of living in our perfect, and fabulous home. I still marvel at the little details and how good the attention to detail is. To be able to get every one of the 15 rooms and 10,000 sq ft just right is quite an accomplishment!

I look forward to our next project together”

Private Client 


‘Whether your requirement is a full renovation or to simply add some finishing touches, Samantha Bartlett Interiors will provide a warm welcoming hand to your project. Their works are imbued with a sense of calm and serenity, encompassing the client’s personality to form an inviting refuge from the outside world.’